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My Love and joy is found in my family whom I have God to thank for. My awesome awesome loving, supportive and so giving husband Malachi, and my 2 kids Hannah (2) and Judah (1) who I get to chill with all day!! My photography is an overflow and a reflection of how i live my life. I ADORE life. I LOVE color! capturing raw emotions is such a privilege. Blessing those around me with a love that GOD has given me and my family supports me wholeheartedly. seriously, could life be better than this?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Amanda and Jonathan Preview.

I got to spend my afternoon with 2 people I super admire. Pastor Jonathan and his wife of 10 years(!!!!!) Amanda and their puppy Cybil. Here are a few preview photos. Looking at these, I check my self am reminded why I love what I do. Its the people I photograph that make the photos :)


Anonymous said...

This was so much fun, Pranee! I never like pictures of myself, but you are AMAZING!! The whole experience was so fun and relaxing. I felt really valued and served with love. Thank you again for such patience, love, and attention. Your art is truly an act of worship.

Amanda Martin

Vanessa Kay said...

These are lovely! The books are great, what a fun idea!