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My Love and joy is found in my family whom I have God to thank for. My awesome awesome loving, supportive and so giving husband Malachi, and my 2 kids Hannah (2) and Judah (1) who I get to chill with all day!! My photography is an overflow and a reflection of how i live my life. I ADORE life. I LOVE color! capturing raw emotions is such a privilege. Blessing those around me with a love that GOD has given me and my family supports me wholeheartedly. seriously, could life be better than this?

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Dear blogspot,
Thank you for giving me a place to share and record my life and the awesome people I've photographed. I am keeping you for as long as internet will exist as a constant reminder of what an awesome year I've had. For everyone else, please continue to check out new updates HERE.


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